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No Pain Just Glory, LLC was founded to memorialize the spirit of the Spartan warrior. Sparta was a warrior society where the Ordinary Man was also a Hero of War. Our so-called civil society has lost touch with the carnal nature of the warrior instinct—an instinct that remains deeply ingrained in our DNA. Warrior societies embodied the pursuit of battle and victory in every aspect of their lives, from the weapons they chose to the color of their shields and the armor they wore. The fundamental goal of NPJG is to provide MMA gear and apparel to both fighters and fans of martial arts and combative sports. The quest of the Spartan warrior was to live with honor, ignore pain, and pursue glory in all venues of life. And now NPJG offers fight gear and clothing both to the spectator and to the fighter, to the ordinary man and the hero of war. 

No Pain Just Glory was co-founded by Dr. Doom (Brent Shields, Ph. D) and Razor Sharpe (Steve Sharpe). We are students who have trained MMA for several years and we obtain specialized training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Pit Bull Jiu Jitsu with Dietrich Callier- a black belt recipient under Marco Nascimento and Adilson “Bita” Lima. We want to participate in the process of sculpting the fight culture and thus have dedicated our time to produce to MMA apparel for fighters, fans, and anyone that believes to truly be a warrior you must ignore pain and pursue glory.


Steve Sharpe "Razor Sharpe"             Brent Shields, Ph. D "Dr. Doom"


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